Are the lashes cruelty free? 
Yes of course! All of the lashes are faux mink style, so are completely cruelty free.

I am a blogger/influencer, can I work with you? 
We are always on the look out for more lash obsessed beauty bloggers/instagrammers to work alongside us, as long as they are a good fit for the business. Please email info@indigorosee.co.uk to speak to us about ways that we can work together. (PS: I see you guys that are always supporting my work and it will never go unnoticed when deciding who to work with).

Do the lashes come with glue? 
Unfortunately they do not, as I couldn’t find the right formula that I trusted. I do want to add one to the collection soon though and I will continue to work on one in the future. For the best results, I would use the Duo Lash adhesive in Black.

How do I apply the lashes? 
Lashes are hard to get used to but once you have mastered them you will never go back! Here is my simple step by step guide on how to apply: 
* Cut a little bit off the end of the lashes so that it fits your eye shape. All lashes are made larger than the average eye so that they will work with everyone, but 95% of people need to cut them down a little. I cut mine down by about half a cm, but it all depends on your eye shape and size. 
* Place some glue on them and they lay the lash on a surface whilst you do some more of your makeup. I usually wait just a minute or two before I apply my lashes whilst I do my mascara, so that they glue is tacky and sticks better. 
* Using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, place the centre of your lash down followed by the corners. Hold the corners down so that the glue sticks properly. 
* I finish it off with a little bit of eyeliner to make your eye makeup flow together and cover any bits of glue. 
Practice makes perfect!

How many uses can I get out of the lashes? 
Due to the band being of high quality, you can definitely get many wears out of them. I have been wearing these lashes upwards of 10 times and they are still great quality. Cleaning your lashes will maintain them in the best quality possible and I would definitely recommend doing so to get the most usage out of them. To clean them:

* I first pick off any bits of excess glue that I can with tweezers, taking care not to break them.
* Then I soak two large cotton pads in an oily makeup remover. I place the lash in between the two pads (like a lash sandwich) and leave them there for about 10 minutes.
* Then when I go back to them, the lash glue has been softened and its so much easier to remove the glue with the tweezers.
* Once all the glue is removed, I place them in a little bit of water to get rid of the excess makeup remover and then they are as good as new.